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    6 Hottest Fashion Trends You Must Embrace to Become a Trendsetter this Spring

    6 Hottest Fashion Trends You Must Embrace to Become a Trendsetter this Spring

    Are you ready to revamp your wardrobe and catch up with the trend radar before everyone else does? Well, here are the hottest 6 fashion trends that have taken over street style all over the world, and you simply can’t do without them!

    Yours, Brightly!


    Bright and bold hues are trending super-hot on spring runways, and they are literally everywhere to be season. You get to flaunt a myriad of bright hues, such as coral reds, deep reds, neon orange, gold, blue, sunny yellow, parrot greens, purple, magenta and many more. Bright colours have invaded all our fashion staples, and from heels and handbags to bottoms, dresses and blouses, nothing is immune to their undeniable chicness.

    Floral Glory



    Spring is the official season for flaunting as many florals as one possibly can, and you simply can’t stock up enough to create a new floral statement each day of the season. Subtle and pastel floral prints are super functional for humid summer and you get to flaunt a vibe that is soft and romantically feminine. There’s heaps of variety in floral prints, and from pencil dresses to blouses and long maxi skirts, florals have taken over the trend radar with a dramatic aplomb.

    Glitter All Over!


    Glittery golds, metallic silvers and sequined numbers are definitely the hottest black tie trend for the blossomy season of spring, and you simply can’t create a festive look without these drop dead gorgeous sequined dresses. This trend has been inspired by the voguish glamour of the 80’s, and with a huge variety in maxi gowns, cocktail numbers and even jumpsuits, they are just what you need to flaunt festive glamour to a seriously dramatic hilt.

    Pink is the New Black


    It most certainly is, and this season, we get to play around with a myriad of pink hues, including shocking pink, deep rose gold, soft baby pink, rose, tea pink, sequined pink, blush and many more. Pink is trending hot in monochromatic outfits, and this is one spring colour you simply must flaunt in abundance.

    Utilitarianism Reigns Supreme


    Utilitarian khakhi prints and designs have create quite the fashion frenzy this season, and they are the chicest fashion staples for both, your casual street style and work wardrobe. They exude a strong modern minimalistic vibe that adds an elegant simplicity to your vibe and blends it with contemporary cuts, ruffles and cold-shoulder designs.

    Obsessed with Stripes


    Designers have given us an abundant variety in stripes, and the classic Breton stripes have undergone a seriously dramatic revamping this season. Now, we get to flaunt the vintage black and white stripes in a delightful myriad of bold and bright hues, like reds, orange, purples, yellow, green and blue.

    Eye Wear Trends: 5 Sunglasses that are All the Rage this Spring Season

    Eye Wear Trends: 5 Sunglasses that are All the Rage this Spring Season

    Spring eye wear trends are all about bright and bold hues, futuristic designs with chunky glittery rims, plastic designs and of course, the tinted rims that steal the show and win the trend game.

    Here, take a look:

    Oversized & Chunky

    Massively oversized sunglasses are all the rage this spring, and they are definitely sticking around for a couple more seasons, so buying one now will prove to be a great investment. These trendy sunglasses can be shopped in a myriad of variety, such as rimless sunglasses, round ones, geometric, non-geometric, downright funky and extremely bright-hued. You can shop the best picks at Bibhu Mohapatra, Phillip Lim and Alice + Olivia.

    Fifty Shades of Blue

    Sunglasses in delightful shades of deep navy, soft cerulean sky blue, or the deep Mediterranean blue are just what you need to give your face a tantalising pop of colour. Blue is definitely the new bold this season, and blue specs are a must-have if you want to appear timelessly chic and endlessly voguish!

    Follow us on Instagram to feast your eyes on the endless variety available in many exotic shades of blue. 

    Wired Up!

    Sunglasses with double wire rims caused quite the fashion frenzy on the spring/summer runways, and they are trending hot on the latest eyewear radar. These intensely funky glasses are definitely something delightfully new to experiment with, and a great pick if you wish to break the monotony of cat-eye and round shaped eyewear.

    They are available in a stunning range of bright colours, and some soft pastel hues, such as lilac, pinks and rose, that are marvellously on-point for spring.

    Passion for Plastic

    Plastic eye wear has emerged as a truly remarkable new style, which comes with a melded appeal that binds the lenses and rims together. You get to enjoy these glasses in bright hues like blue, reds, neons, yellows and gold, and this is your best pick if you can’t stand the idea of flaunting flashy rims.

    You can shop the best designs at Balenciaga, where there’s plenty of variety in cat eye and modernistic designs, and Coach, where glittery pink lenses emerged as the highlight of the collection. While Roberto Cavalli has a stunning variety as well, it is Celine that steals the show with its fascinating futuristic designs. You can see them on all our Facebook page.

    A Bold, Bright Tint

    Brightly tinted sunglasses in bold hues, such as amber, gold, mustard glaze, rose gold, red, orange and brick red, literally took over spring runways with their voguish appeal, and then, proceeded to invade, and reign over street style. They are a wonderful revival of the glamorously notorious 70s, and these are definitely the ultimate hottest eye wear trend that you must flaunt with a great aplomb and abundance.

    7 Insanely Voguish Accessory Trends You Simply Can’t Resist

    7 Insanely Voguish Accessory Trends You Simply Can’t Resist

    Spring has welcomed a myriad of new accessory trends, and we see an amazing shift towards the au naturel and the pursuit of comfort.

    Here, take a look at all that’s trending hot:

    Rave Culture


    Spring runways saw a myriad of bright coloured sunglasses that are a common accessory for a rave party. The raving theme has emerged as one of the hottest trends of the season, and this summer, you get to flaunt an exclusive raving statement by experimenting with countless sizes, shapes, colours and designs. Really, shopping for sunglasses was never this fun! For such bright coloured sunglasses, you can go to Zimzali to find a whole range of sunglasses.  

    Extra Baggage


    If carrying around all your stuff seems like a serious every day catastrophe that fills you up with remorse and guilt about mistreating your frail little bags, here’s an exciting piece of news! Spring summer 2017 is all about flaunting XXL bags that are literally larger than life, and will allow you to practically carry your entire room to work without having to compromise your style.

    Chunky Earrings


    Designers have given us a splendid variety of gorgeously chunky and boldly oversized earrings, and they come in countless shapes and designs, and an exquisite arrangement of precious gemstones. These pieces are a must-have to glam up your black tie statements.

    Lace-Up Girl!


    Although none of us will find it easy to warm up to the idea of flaunting boots in the summers, but hey, these are summer boots, which come with drop dead glamorous high heels, and lacy detailing. These are literally the hottest amongst shoe trends, and with styles like open-toe, pointy toes and glittery sequined insertions, they can really oomph up your glamour game.

    Single Earring Swag

    Spring accessory trends are all about the unusually audacious and bold, and the single earring trend caused quite the fashion frenzy on the runways. From Balmain, Zuhair Muarad and Mary Katrantzou to Arthur Arbesser, Roksanda and Dior, the variety that has emerged is endless and irresistible. You get to flaunt this trend in silver metallic pieces, chain mail dangling earrings, geometric pieces, leafy designs, beads, gemstones and much more.

    Stack up the Bracelets

    This is probably the most adorable accessory trend for the season, and if you’re crazy about bracelets, you’ll love indulging in it chicness. The idea is to stack up multiple chunky bracelets onto your arm to create a flirtatious dangling effect. You can experiment with beaded bracelets, metallic ones, gold pieces, lucky charms and geometric designs.

    All Cinched Up!

    Wrap belts have gotten chunkier and wider, and nearly every other dress that walked down the runway had insanely chic cinched up appeal to accentuate and flatter the curves.

    For more fascinating accessories, you can follow our Instagram page or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated with latest sunglasses, bags and accessory collection.

    Top 5 Luxury Handbags Designs for 2017

    Top 5 Luxury Handbags Designs for 2017

    Now every single woman desires to carry the best looking branded handbags whenever going out with her friends for some coffee. Discussing new styles and updates of handbags makes your coffee time even more interesting. If you are longing to carry newly designed handbag, here's a perfect guide to exquisite trends which will leave you speechless.

    1.    Kate Spade

    High-quality leather with the finest stitch and design! If you conscious spending your bucks on handbags and want to choose out of the box material, you are in a right place. This bag brings extra-luxury charm to your personality with its flawless design. You may carry this handbag on evening parties or corporate meetings. Kate Spade design isn't competitive but wrapped in expensive leather which drags its worth to double.

    2.    Chanel

    This black beauty makes your existence glamorous especially when you leave for evening cocktail party. Chanel is known for its personification of design and quality. Coco Chanel was first introduced in 1995. Now you can make this luxurious fashion accessory part of your wardrobe this 2017. Elevate your style and walk stylishly.

    3.    Louis Vuitton

    This is a signature design of Louis Vuitton. We have seen many celebrities carrying along while meeting with their clients. Now, this design has got a luxurious look with more embellished stones and beads. Its large capacity gives its look an edge and double its usability.

    4.    Hermes bag

    Hermes is an exceptional and old French brand which every lady needs in their wardrobe this 2017. Its shape almost looks similar to that of Kate Spade 2017's edition. It's one of the most repeated choices among handbags lovers and can carry almost on every event. There is no compelling reason to present this extravagant, polished and wonderful brand of the world as this is one of the most established organizations in the world that has additionally won many honors in this regard for sumptuous handbags in a world.